Most people can sit in front of the tv hours upon end watching episode after episode, binge watching Netflix…and that’s cool & all, but you can find me with my computer catching up on my favorite YouTubers life. Vlogs are my latest obsession and favorite source of entertainment. For those of you who don’t know, Vlogs are video forms of blogs, hence the term vlog. More specifically it’s “A Day in the Life” video; it’s new & better reality TV in my opinion.

Type the word “vlog” in the search bar of YouTube and tons will come up. My current favorites are…

Aspyn & Parker Ferris


If you love cute couples & traveling then you should check out Aspyn & Parker. They seem to be the most down to earth and honest people who also happen to be the cutest couple ever. See you could already tell I watch them all the time just by the amount of times I said “cute” lol. In their vlogs you’ll see little montages of Parker cleaning Aspyn’s mess, frequent trips to the best department store ever, TARGET!! Aspyn showing off her cute dresses which are usually from their store Luca + Grae, and cute clips of them on their travels pointing out all the cute puppies.

Ellie & Jared Mecham

If you need some heartwarming family time, Ellie & Jared’s channel is perfect for you. Ellie & Jared are a married couple in Utah with two adorable boys. If you check out their channel you’ll learn about the struggles they face with pregnancy and infertility. Ellie has PCOS and is very opened about it. She and Jared shared their journey through fertility treatments as they were trying to start a family. They were blessed with their first son, Jackson and a couple years later blessed with little baby Calvin. This loving family has hearts of gold, they saved their own money to help families who were unable to get pregnant and were interested in fertility treatments. This act of kindness spread like wildfire and resulted into 5 loving couples being able to go through fertility treatments in hopes of starting their families. People like Ellie & Jared are rare to come by, so if you are into unconditional family love, positivity, camping and all things family oriented and love shedding then you’ll love Ellie & Jared and feel just like part of their family as you watch their vlogs.

Claudia Sulewski

Claudia Sulewski is a rising star, for starters. I’ve been watching her YouTube videos for years. She is so talented and very creative, which you will see if you watch any of her videos. She is a very relatable 20 something year old with great work ethic. Her and her fabulous mother, Beata, have such a fun and loving relationship that is always entertaining to watch when she is featured in the vlogs. Claudia recently moved out on her own and has become “Bob the builder/ Martha Stewart!” So if you love cute new furniture, and trendy home decor then make sure you check out her videos cause you are sure to find some great home decor ideas here. Also if you need some motivation to workout or to work in general, her chit chat videos will do just the trick! Can’t get enough of Claudia? Me either…but you can also find her on a couple web series like T@gged, The Commute and she is shooting her first feature with one of her best friends, Lauren Elizabeth. Like I said before guys, Claudia Sulewski is a rising star!

Zoe Sugg

If you already watch fashion & beauty related videos on YouTube, then you probably already heard of Zoella. Zoe’s vlogs are super long, which is one of the reasons that I love them. It’s perfect to keep you entertained throughout an entire workout, or if you’re cleaning or doing anything for a long period of time. Throughout her videos, you’ll see footage of her and her boyfriend, Alfie enjoying their new home with their cute little pup Nala. They also frequently strut around town with Alfie’s sister Poppy and Sean and other friends as well.

Lindsey Hughes 


Lindsey is another very relatable YouTuber. A girl in her twenties who is all about living her life to the fullest and having a good time, meeting new people, and traveling. She is very into music festivals, as you can tell from her current videos. If you love music festivals as much as she does you would love her vlogs! Also if you go to a music festival that she is at she is opened to meet you guys which I think is awesome. I’m not into music festivals, but I do love the style and makeup that people rock at them. Lindsey is from Georgia moved to LA where she went to school and is currently back in Georgia for the summer as she attends different music festivals.


I am a new subscriber to OKBaby’s YouTube channel. (OK=Oscar and Kyra) They are a cute couple with two beautiful babes. They capture all their lovely family moments and share them with the world. They also just moved into their first house which is absolutely beautiful! I feel like every one of the YouTubers I watch are moving right now…strange. Anyways, on their channel, you’ll find content full of adventure and family fun. And the occasional prank pulled by Oscar as he throws a cockroach on Kyra haha, poor Kierra.

Those are just a few of my favorite YouTubers to watch. There are TONS of other people on YouTube who vlog or just make great creative videos. Let me know in the comments below what YouTube channels you like to watch and what their content is about. As you can tell I love laid back, day in my life type of videos but I’m always looking for something new to watch!





Three cheers for the red, white & blue!! Happy Independence Day, America!
Fourth of July is prime family BBQ time. I spend it with my boyfriend’s family every year. Last year we decided to wear matching outfits…funny story about that. My boyfriend’s mom bought us all matching flag shirts. So I show up to the BBQ in my flag shirt and see her and her husband rocking the shirt; then I look at my boyfriend who was NOT wearing it. He didn’t wanna match with us…what a loser, right? This year we don’t have any matching outfits in the works due to last years screw up. I still don’t know what exactly I’ll be wearing tomorrow, but I do have some ideas in mind.

4th of July Food 

Food is the best part of any party and you can’t go wrong with a classic cheeseburger or hot dog. You just can’t. As for dessert, well I’m sure it’ll be lots of red, white & blue incorporated desserts. I’m planning on bringing some festive looking chocolate covered pretzels. They’re so yummy and one of my favorite treats. They’re also really easy to make. All you need are pretzel rods, white chocolate melts, and food coloring. Melt the chocolate, separate it and add food coloring so it’s red, white, & blue then dip your pretzel, let it cool and bam! you’re done. Simple, quick, & very delicious.

4th of July Activites

The host of this year’s 4th of July bbq has an awesome bar in their backyard. So most of us sit at the bar and chat, and once people start getting bored, that’s when the games begin! Nothing crazy, just a fun game of bocce ball or kan jam. I’m not a fan of bocce, but my boyfriend’s family clearly LOVES that game. It’s the “old-timers” vs “the youngins” lol. We (the 20+ year-olds) are obvi the youngins, as the parents are the old timers. Last year they kicked our ass, but this year we’ll kick theirs! As for kan jam, only us youngins play and I’m either amazing and you need me on your team, or I’m the worst player. There’s no in between, it just depends on the day. Sometimes my frisbee goes right for the slot…other times it goes for the parked car across the street… (I close my eyes on throws like that. Cause I like to think that if I don’t see it, it didn’t happen…even though I know that’s NOT the case haha.)

Sparklers on 4th of July, fireworks, sparklers


And to end the night of celebrating the USA you have to cozy up on your front lawn and watch all the fireworks! Our fireworks last year were awful in my opinion, but the neighbor three houses down had great ones so at least we got to see those too! Hoping that this year will me a lot better, but if not it’s nice to know that the guy three houses down always delivers an awesome firework show.


Let’s not forget about playing with sparklers, those little fire sticks that everyone draws in the air with! Perfect photo-op for the 4th of July!