Hello readers, how are you all doing? It is Sunday evening and as I type this I am waiting for a pot of water to boil on the stove so I can get dinner going. On the menu tonight is white rice with chicken. Mmm can’t wait for that to be done.

A little while before I started cooking I was sitting in front of my fireplace with a cup of peppermint tea just enjoying the pure peace I was surrounded by. It was so enjoyable and such a rare occasion. Usually, my house is full of noise between the three dogs, my parents, and my brother. Especially on Sundays as the guys are watching football and yelling at the TV, but not today. Today was different and I am truly grateful for the few minutes of silence I was fortunate enough to get.

Picture yourself all cozy in a hoodie and fuzzy slippers just relaxing as the room fills with the warmth of the fire and you smell fresh peppermint with every sip of tea you take. The room is dimly lit and I am in absolute bliss. This is my happy place. Turned away from the rest of the world and just focusing on now and daydreaming about the future.

It’s little things like this that I can see my future self enjoying with my future husband. I can see it perfectly as I sit in a rocking chair with a ball of yarn crocheting and he sits in his chair beside me reading a book and sipping on hot cocoa with heat from the fire. The two of us enjoying our time together, peacefully. It’s thoughts like these that motivate me to work my butt off now while I am young so I can get there. Work hard, study hard, make money and save money to buy our own house and turn it into a home and create all these lovely simple memories that we will have together forever. The hardest part of this journey is waiting to get there. No, I don’t want to rush time and fast forward to that part of life. I’m going to enjoy the whole journey day by day creating memories along the way. But man, I am such a daydreamer cause I always find my mind wandering off there to that point in time. I can’t wait to get there.

The water has finally boiled and I guess that’s all I have to say tonight. Where does your mind wander off to? Let me know in the comments below. Hope you all had a great day.