Hello readers, how are you all doing? It is Sunday evening and as I type this I am waiting for a pot of water to boil on the stove so I can get dinner going. On the menu tonight is white rice with chicken. Mmm can’t wait for that to be done.

A little while before I started cooking I was sitting in front of my fireplace with a cup of peppermint tea just enjoying the pure peace I was surrounded by. It was so enjoyable and such a rare occasion. Usually, my house is full of noise between the three dogs, my parents, and my brother. Especially on Sundays as the guys are watching football and yelling at the TV, but not today. Today was different and I am truly grateful for the few minutes of silence I was fortunate enough to get.

Picture yourself all cozy in a hoodie and fuzzy slippers just relaxing as the room fills with the warmth of the fire and you smell fresh peppermint with every sip of tea you take. The room is dimly lit and I am in absolute bliss. This is my happy place. Turned away from the rest of the world and just focusing on now and daydreaming about the future.

It’s little things like this that I can see my future self enjoying with my future husband. I can see it perfectly as I sit in a rocking chair with a ball of yarn crocheting and he sits in his chair beside me reading a book and sipping on hot cocoa with heat from the fire. The two of us enjoying our time together, peacefully. It’s thoughts like these that motivate me to work my butt off now while I am young so I can get there. Work hard, study hard, make money and save money to buy our own house and turn it into a home and create all these lovely simple memories that we will have together forever. The hardest part of this journey is waiting to get there. No, I don’t want to rush time and fast forward to that part of life. I’m going to enjoy the whole journey day by day creating memories along the way. But man, I am such a daydreamer cause I always find my mind wandering off there to that point in time. I can’t wait to get there.

The water has finally boiled and I guess that’s all I have to say tonight. Where does your mind wander off to? Let me know in the comments below. Hope you all had a great day.


Do you guys have a hobby that you love to do? I was always into anything artsy that you could make with your hands. I recently decided to crochet again and I’m impressed with how much I remember!

When I was younger my best friend, her mom, and my mom would make frequent trips to our local craft store and buy new things to do for fun and keep us entertained. Crocheting and knitting were one of the many crafts we did. Her mom was a professional crafter in my eyes. She had this beautiful blanket that she made which inspired us to learn how to do it. Of course my elementary old self never actually finished anything I started back then but I am grateful for her teaching us how to crochet.

I don’t know what made me want to do this again after so many years, but recently I went to the craft store bought some yarn and crochet hooks and got right back into it. Now I’m obsessed! I keep making little hats. Like I said, I never finished a project before so I got excited this time around because I actually made something and finished! Plus I could use or give it to someone as a gift for Christmas! That’s my plan.

They do say that it’s more special to make something than buy it, so I bought some yarn and am making lots of hats! I also bought some faux fur pom poms to put on top of some and I plan to learn how to make a nice scarf and maybe even some gloves! 

The first hats I made were for babies. My boyfriend’s sister has the cutest little baby and he is need of some winter hats. I looked on Pinterest and found some patterns and tried it and voila! A baby hat was made. I must’ve made at least five or six of them already. Then I decided to try to make an adult sized hat! So back to the craft store I went, got some more yarn and literally finished it within two hours. My boyfriend gave me the amazing idea to line it with a cute fabric. The yarn I used for this hat is black so we decided to get a white, black and gray plaid patterned fabric. It looked awesome! Unfortunately, I messed up and the hat didn’t fit anymore. It was too tight. I was so upset because I worked so hard on it and we can’t even use. But I refuse to get rid of it just because it’s so nice looking haha.

I made a couple more adult-sized hats and I plan to try to line them with fabric again, I’ve been reluctant to do it yet because I’m nervous about messing them up. I know what I’m going to do differently this time around and I hope it goes well. Check out my Instagram sometime next week, if you see a finished picture of a gray hat with plaid inside, then I did it!! If not…well, then I probably messed up again lol.

If you don’t know how to crochet, you should definitely learn. It is very relaxing and you can make some great gifts for your friends and family. Just find a video you like on youtube and follow along! It’s not hard at all and it feels good when you finish a project to see it plus you have the right to say, “I made that!”

I’m going to start another hat now, I have so many piling up ready to be lined! Wish me luck please. 🙂



Dogs are seriously the greatest companions of all time. They’re so loving and loyal and have so much personality! Especially mine. I have three dogs and here’s the story of how my house turned into a zoo one dog at a time lol. Let’s start with Lola the Shih Tzu. 

Lola is the OG queen bee. When I was younger my neighbor used to breed dogs and one year for Christmas my mom decided to surprise me with her. She was so itty bitty, fluffy and extremely cute! She loved playing with squeaky stuffed animals and running around being chased with pine cones in her mouth. Lola was just one big ball of energy. She was perfect too, never barked! Instead, she would make a sneeze like sound and use her paws to get your attention and communicate. So unique and cute. Don’t worry she was capable of barking. Whenever she did bark it would scare the crap out of you cause it was just such a rare thing. Whenever she barked I always thought, “uh oh. Who’s in my house.” Lol, I’m not even kidding it would freak me out!

Fast forward 13 years later and now she’s one cranky old lady. All she wants to do is sleep, eat, and get her belly rubbed! She doesn’t do stairs anymore. She’ll sit at the bottom of the stairs and sneeze until someone carries her up the stairs. But don’t let this fool you, she is perfectly capable of walking up and down the steps she just rather someone carries her fluffy butt.

If you ask her, “wanna go out!” She’ll prance in place with so much excitement! Then two minutes into your walk she will tire out and lay down in the grass. She’s not the best dog to walk but she does like her few minutes of fresh air!

Bath time is always funny with her. She definitely enjoys the warm water, and the lathering of the shampoo being that it’s like a massage for her. But she absolutely hates the blow dryer. She tries to bite it and she yells at it (another one of the rare occasions where she actually barks).

Lola doesn’t like to share and had to get used to that being that my brother decided to bring a dog home with him when we graduated college! Welcome to the family little Bear!

Make sure you check back to see how things went down when Lola met Bear and realized she wasn’t there for just a visit, but to move in.  

This week Dave and I watched our first Christmas movie, my personal favorite, The Polar Express! I’m trying really hard to get myself and him feeling festive and into the Christmas spirit. Watching that movie definitely helped us get started, but today’s trip to Target nailed it!

It’s Tuesday and it’s my only day off during the week, so I figured it was the perfect day to go to Target. I try to stay away from the store on the weekends because it’s just way too crazy in there which is why we decided to go today in the middle of the day. As soon as we pulled up we knew it was going to be a madhouse in there. The parking lot was jam PACKED! It’s Tuesday people, not even 2:00 pm and Target is packed. Doesn’t anybody go to work anymore? My goodness!

Anyways, Target has so much Christmas home decor that I wanted to buy everything! They have cute stockings, adorable ornaments, tons of random chot-skis that I wanted. They have things you would never think you need to decorate for the holidays, but then you see it and you start picturing how it will look back at home with the ones you bought last year and the year before that and soon before you know it you’re going home with two birds wearing a hat, scarf, a sweater, and backpack. Yep. I may get overexcited when it comes to Christmas shopping, but can you blame me? It’s such a cheerful holiday and Target has such an overwhelming amount of options that I just want them all!

Needless to say, today’s trip was a success. We ended up getting a new skirt for our tree, an advent calendar, two cozy looking birds, mini candy canes, and we each picked out a new ornament. Each year we buy a new ornament, I try to buy one that has a special memory or meaning behind it so each Christmas as we are decorating the tree we can remember that moment and enjoy our time decorating.

All this Christmas shopping made me that much more excited for Christmas. It feels so magical and special compared to any other time of the year. I love that rush of happiness you feel by seeing all the colorful lights and beautiful outdoor decorations you see as you drive home at night. Plus the weather is colder so you’ll spend your nights cozy with your loved ones all bundled up on the couch, sipping on hot cocoa and watching the 25 days of Christmas countdown on Freeform. This time of year brings everyone closer and spreads so much joy and I love that and always will.

The Christmas spirit is definitely here with me and I can’t wait to continue enjoying the season by putting up our tree, listening to music, and celebrating with my family and friends.

What things do you guys do to get yourself into the holiday spirit, whether it’s Christmas, Hannukkah, or any other holiday you celebrate, what do you do that makes you excited for that time. Let me know in the comments below!

thanksgiving pumpkin pie turkey family grateful thankfulEach year I go somewhere new for Thanksgiving. Last year I went with my boyfriend’s family to Connecticut, so this year I decided to stay with my family. I always love to see my boyfriend for the holidays but since we weren’t spending this one together we decided to make time for each other that morning.

He drove over to my house where my mom was making a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, and corn muffins (his favorite). I snatched two muffins and a glass of apple juice to share on our Thanksgiving morning together. We drove to a local park and enjoyed each others company; we talked, laughed, and ate our yummy muffins. We were only there for about 10 maybe 15 minutes tops. But I was grateful for that short amount of time we got to spend together and super thankful that he went out of his way to see me. We also decided to do that every Thanksgiving, a little tradition of our own to look forward to each year. I love thinking of traditions to start and share together. I feel that they are important and as we move towards the future, we continue to grow as individuals. We are constantly thinking about careers, money and other things of that nature, which can be exhausting and somewhat stressful. Having traditions, even small ones like this are a good way to relax and just enjoy the little things and I believe they help us grow as a couple.

After that lovely morning, he dropped me off at home where I started helping my mom in the kitchen. My mom is Puerto Rican and my dad’s family is Irish and Polish. This year we were having dinner with my dads side of the family and whenever we go there they ALWAYS request my mom to make arroz con gandules and pernil aka rice and beans and pork shoulder. A classic Puerto Rican dish. So I helped her with that while my dad and brother watched football. We cooked, she cleaned, and then we got ready and off to my aunt’s house we went.

I’m not that close to my dad’s side of the family so it was nice spending the day with them being that I haven’t seen them in a while. There’s always so much food to choose from at my aunt’s house. We had turkey (of course), ham, pernil, stuffing, turnips, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potato pecan casserole, cornbread, rice and beans, and string beans. Lots of yummy options! I had a little bit of everything. My favorite was the sweet potato pecan casserole. OMG, that was delicious! I never liked sweet potatoes so I’m surprised that I loved it so much, but then again I’m pretty sure it had brown sugar in it so that may be the reason I loved it so much.

I tried my best not to overeat but it’s just so hard when there are so many yummy options not to eat them all! So due to the fact that I overate, I didn’t eat any dessert. If I was to eat dessert I would have had pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie is my absolute favorite Thanksgiving dessert.My nanny used to make it every year, one for my family, and one for both of my aunts’ families. Funny story about that, my mom LOVED my nanny’s pumpkin pie and didn’t like to share so when I was younger she would tell my brother and me, “Nanny made this pie for us, but don’t eat it, it tastes nasty. I don’t want to hurt her feelings so I’m just going to keep in the fridge.” Of course, I believed my mom. Pumpkin pie doesn’t look delicious like cake and ice cream so she’s lucky young me was naive and gullible. She got away with that load of b.s. for 3 years until one day I decided to try it! I loved it! As my mom went to cut herself a piece she noticed more was missing so she came up to us and asked who had the pie and I was like, “I did! It was really yummy. I can’t believe you think it’s disgusting. I called nanny and told her that I loved it and that you said it tasted nasty.” LOL. My mom loves to tell that story every time we have pumpkin pie as if I forgot.



That’s the gist of my Thanksgiving. It was great and relaxing. I’m so grateful and thankful to have gotten to eat so much good food with the people I love.