Last week my boyfriend and I were driving through the cutest town! It reminded me of the one that Rory and Lorelai lived in from Gilmore Girls! It was historic, and I absolutely love the look of historic places. The old, rustic buildings are just so appealing. As we were driving through that town I instantly looked at my boyfriend with wide eyes yelling, “we have to come back and explore this area! I love it…I want to live here…OMG so many photo ops! Ooh, there’s a nail salon over here, an ice cream parlor over there. Uhh, this place perfect. It’s just calling my name.” Yeah safe to say that I got overly excited. But do you blame me?!

We went back and drove around the town some more just taking it all in! We didn’t stop and roam around though. You may be wondering, why not? The answer to that is simple: parallel parking. That was the only way of us getting out to explore and we were just not up for such a challenge that day. No thank you! Instead, we drove further and found a park that had a nature trail. Thankfully I was dressed in workout gear, so a hike was no problem. My boyfriend, on the other hand, was wearing flip-flops; not exactly dressed for the occasion. But he was a trooper and off we went!

The trail was in the woods and reminded me of my days when I used to run cross-country in middle school. So nostalgic. Unfortunately, my stamina was not up to par as it was back in those days. The trail was a little under a mile, and we were sweating like crazy and weren’t even halfway through. The trail leads to a private beach which was beautiful! We had to cross this bridge to get there, and of course, we stopped to take pictures. As we were taking pictures we noticed a ton of what looked like bugs below us just crawling around. Then I realized, they’re not bugs, they were sand crabs! And a helluva lot of them.┬áThe beach had some sand but was mostly pebbles and rock. So you know what that means, find a flat rock and skip it across the water.

That day was one of the best days of this summer and it was free. Simple things, like this, are my favorite. It was peaceful and adventurous. And I got to spend it with my best friend. Nothing is better than that!