Meet My Dogs Part 1 | Lola

Dogs are seriously the greatest companions of all time. They’re so loving and loyal and have so much personality! Especially mine. I have three dogs and here’s the story of how my house turned into a zoo one dog at a time lol. Let’s start with Lola the Shih Tzu. 

Lola is the OG queen bee. When I was younger my neighbor used to breed dogs and one year for Christmas my mom decided to surprise me with her. She was so itty bitty, fluffy and extremely cute! She loved playing with squeaky stuffed animals and running around being chased with pine cones in her mouth. Lola was just one big ball of energy. She was perfect too, never barked! Instead, she would make a sneeze like sound and use her paws to get your attention and communicate. So unique and cute. Don’t worry she was capable of barking. Whenever she did bark it would scare the crap out of you cause it was just such a rare thing. Whenever she barked I always thought, “uh oh. Who’s in my house.” Lol, I’m not even kidding it would freak me out!

Fast forward 13 years later and now she’s one cranky old lady. All she wants to do is sleep, eat, and get her belly rubbed! She doesn’t do stairs anymore. She’ll sit at the bottom of the stairs and sneeze until someone carries her up the stairs. But don’t let this fool you, she is perfectly capable of walking up and down the steps she just rather someone carries her fluffy butt.

If you ask her, “wanna go out!” She’ll prance in place with so much excitement! Then two minutes into your walk she will tire out and lay down in the grass. She’s not the best dog to walk but she does like her few minutes of fresh air!

Bath time is always funny with her. She definitely enjoys the warm water, and the lathering of the shampoo being that it’s like a massage for her. But she absolutely hates the blow dryer. She tries to bite it and she yells at it (another one of the rare occasions where she actually barks).

Lola doesn’t like to share and had to get used to that being that my brother decided to bring a dog home with him when we graduated college! Welcome to the family little Bear!

Make sure you check back to see how things went down when Lola met Bear and realized she wasn’t there for just a visit, but to move in.  


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