My Not So New Hobby: Crocheting

Do you guys have a hobby that you love to do? I was always into anything artsy that you could make with your hands. I recently decided to crochet again and I’m impressed with how much I remember!

When I was younger my best friend, her mom, and my mom would make frequent trips to our local craft store and buy new things to do for fun and keep us entertained. Crocheting and knitting were one of the many crafts we did. Her mom was a professional crafter in my eyes. She had this beautiful blanket that she made which inspired us to learn how to do it. Of course my elementary old self never actually finished anything I started back then but I am grateful for her teaching us how to crochet.

I don’t know what made me want to do this again after so many years, but recently I went to the craft store bought some yarn and crochet hooks and got right back into it. Now I’m obsessed! I keep making little hats. Like I said, I never finished a project before so I got excited this time around because I actually made something and finished! Plus I could use or give it to someone as a gift for Christmas! That’s my plan.

They do say that it’s more special to make something than buy it, so I bought some yarn and am making lots of hats! I also bought some faux fur pom poms to put on top of some and I plan to learn how to make a nice scarf and maybe even some gloves! 

The first hats I made were for babies. My boyfriend’s sister has the cutest little baby and he is need of some winter hats. I looked on Pinterest and found some patterns and tried it and voila! A baby hat was made. I must’ve made at least five or six of them already. Then I decided to try to make an adult sized hat! So back to the craft store I went, got some more yarn and literally finished it within two hours. My boyfriend gave me the amazing idea to line it with a cute fabric. The yarn I used for this hat is black so we decided to get a white, black and gray plaid patterned fabric. It looked awesome! Unfortunately, I messed up and the hat didn’t fit anymore. It was too tight. I was so upset because I worked so hard on it and we can’t even use. But I refuse to get rid of it just because it’s so nice looking haha.

I made a couple more adult-sized hats and I plan to try to line them with fabric again, I’ve been reluctant to do it yet because I’m nervous about messing them up. I know what I’m going to do differently this time around and I hope it goes well. Check out my Instagram sometime next week, if you see a finished picture of a gray hat with plaid inside, then I did it!! If not…well, then I probably messed up again lol.

If you don’t know how to crochet, you should definitely learn. It is very relaxing and you can make some great gifts for your friends and family. Just find a video you like on youtube and follow along! It’s not hard at all and it feels good when you finish a project to see it plus you have the right to say, “I made that!”

I’m going to start another hat now, I have so many piling up ready to be lined! Wish me luck please. 🙂




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