Thanksgiving 2017

thanksgiving pumpkin pie turkey family grateful thankfulEach year I go somewhere new for Thanksgiving. Last year I went with my boyfriend’s family to Connecticut, so this year I decided to stay with my family. I always love to see my boyfriend for the holidays but since we weren’t spending this one together we decided to make time for each other that morning.

He drove over to my house where my mom was making a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, and corn muffins (his favorite). I snatched two muffins and a glass of apple juice to share on our Thanksgiving morning together. We drove to a local park and enjoyed each others company; we talked, laughed, and ate our yummy muffins. We were only there for about 10 maybe 15 minutes tops. But I was grateful for that short amount of time we got to spend together and super thankful that he went out of his way to see me. We also decided to do that every Thanksgiving, a little tradition of our own to look forward to each year. I love thinking of traditions to start and share together. I feel that they are important and as we move towards the future, we continue to grow as individuals. We are constantly thinking about careers, money and other things of that nature, which can be exhausting and somewhat stressful. Having traditions, even small ones like this are a good way to relax and just enjoy the little things and I believe they help us grow as a couple.

After that lovely morning, he dropped me off at home where I started helping my mom in the kitchen. My mom is Puerto Rican and my dad’s family is Irish and Polish. This year we were having dinner with my dads side of the family and whenever we go there they ALWAYS request my mom to make arroz con gandules and pernil aka rice and beans and pork shoulder. A classic Puerto Rican dish. So I helped her with that while my dad and brother watched football. We cooked, she cleaned, and then we got ready and off to my aunt’s house we went.

I’m not that close to my dad’s side of the family so it was nice spending the day with them being that I haven’t seen them in a while. There’s always so much food to choose from at my aunt’s house. We had turkey (of course), ham, pernil, stuffing, turnips, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potato pecan casserole, cornbread, rice and beans, and string beans. Lots of yummy options! I had a little bit of everything. My favorite was the sweet potato pecan casserole. OMG, that was delicious! I never liked sweet potatoes so I’m surprised that I loved it so much, but then again I’m pretty sure it had brown sugar in it so that may be the reason I loved it so much.

I tried my best not to overeat but it’s just so hard when there are so many yummy options not to eat them all! So due to the fact that I overate, I didn’t eat any dessert. If I was to eat dessert I would have had pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie is my absolute favorite Thanksgiving dessert.My nanny used to make it every year, one for my family, and one for both of my aunts’ families. Funny story about that, my mom LOVED my nanny’s pumpkin pie and didn’t like to share so when I was younger she would tell my brother and me, “Nanny made this pie for us, but don’t eat it, it tastes nasty. I don’t want to hurt her feelings so I’m just going to keep in the fridge.” Of course, I believed my mom. Pumpkin pie doesn’t look delicious like cake and ice cream so she’s lucky young me was naive and gullible. She got away with that load of b.s. for 3 years until one day I decided to try it! I loved it! As my mom went to cut herself a piece she noticed more was missing so she came up to us and asked who had the pie and I was like, “I did! It was really yummy. I can’t believe you think it’s disgusting. I called nanny and told her that I loved it and that you said it tasted nasty.” LOL. My mom loves to tell that story every time we have pumpkin pie as if I forgot.



That’s the gist of my Thanksgiving. It was great and relaxing. I’m so grateful and thankful to have gotten to eat so much good food with the people I love.


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